i've had a couple of great weeks, full of my food chain friends and mp and cp old-timers and new possibilities.

i've been working a lot, and thinking a lot, and starting a bunch of posts here just to quit and come back later.

i want so badly to be able to tell the stories i have in my head, but so many of my experiences are miraculous in such a way that words could only betray them. right now, i'm just feeling very, very lucky to know the people i know, and to consider them my friends and family.

i've been thinking a lot about success, and what it means to me. and i've been thinking that what gives me inspiration and strength to work toward the things i want to achieve is that there are so, so many wonderful people in my life who think outside the box when it comes to success. people who understand what hard work is, and appreciate humility, and work for so much more than just money.

i feel so lucky to have found these people, who believe in me, and want to help me, who want to work toward the same things for themselves, at such a young age. i can envision many alternate paths for myself that wouldn't have led me to even one person with these kinds of beliefs, and somehow, i was magically led to a whole community of them.