from the ground up

the other day at the farm, we made burgers. but these weren't any old burgers. they were utterly and completely from scratch:

homemade buns, check.
beef from home raised cows, check.
home made mayonnaise made with eggs from homegrown chickens and home-pressed olive oil, check.
homemade mustard made a la minute with home grown seeds and housemade vinegar and wine, check.
homegrown lettuces, check.
home canned pickles, check.
homemade guacamole made with avocados from the tree out back, check.

(we used all of the homemade ketchup up the last time we made burgers, and we didn't have any of the the family made jack cheese, so we went without those condiments).

the amazing thing is that this isn't a special event at the farm. dinner's like that almost every night. these peeps know how to live, if you ask me.