my new tattoos

celebrating my two favorite ingredients:

just. kidding. dad.

yikes! i'm pooped. we got a boar in today from riverdog. the whole transaction was kind of cloudy and i had no clue how big the pig would be.

when the driver came and asked for three large men to help unload the pig, i knew we were in trouble. problem is, we don't really have many large men around in the morning. i'm the strongest, and that's not saying much. so it took five of us to lift all 212 pounds of it out of the truck and bring it into the walk-in.

cl made light work of breaking it down, and i jumped in and did what i could with the loins and shoulders. i kept telling myself, it's just like a lamb, only bigger. a thirty pound lamb, i can break down and clean up in fifteen minutes. a two hundred pound pig is another story. it was still impressive that it didn't quite take an hour for the two of us to break down and clean up the whole thing--even more impressive, when i weighed all of the cleaned up parts, their cumulative weight was 209 lbs. only three pounds of waste (mostly glands and soft fat) from the entire thing!