ah, the bowl. this is the best portrayal of the evil bowl i've ever read. so true, so true.

i've been accosted in the parking lot myself there--they thought i stole some cough syrup (i didn't.) they violated my rights, searched my body without calling the cops, and were rude to me when they found nothing. i had a 104 degree fever.

i still remember the lady who did it to me. three weeks after she treated me like crap, she came into cp (this is when i was a busser). i told the people i was working with what had happened, and tried to gather my courage to give her some payback. we all came up with a plan for me to "accidentally" spill an entire pitcher of ice water on her lap, and just when i was going to do it, alice and mikhail baryshnikov came in and sat down at the next table. i had to settle for just giving her the evil eye all night long. sad! (she totally recognized me, too, and i think she was embarassed for being such a jerk. good.)