so basically, i'm just not that into presents. might be a dangerous thing to say so close to my birthday, but it's true. i mean, of course there are some really fancy things (like that ridiculous il bisonte bag, some fantabulous camera lenses, and a mauviel jam pot) that i want, but really, i try not to want STUFF for the sake of stuff. my life is already so full of junk. blech.

so i was thrilled when i thought of what i really wanted for my birthday, and asked my parents for it: a new knife roll.

my mom made my first knife roll for me when i started cooking. she was taking an upholstery class and had access to some really heavy duty sewing machines. so we bought some crazy, thick canvas and trim, made a prototype, and went from there. that was WAY before italy (and before this blog). and since my knife kit has expanded exponentially with time, and i'm not exactly easy on my kitchen gear, it's just gotten to be time for a new roll. for the past year or so, my knives have lived in a purple cherokee tomato box from riverdog farm.

so i asked my mom to make me a new roll, even though i knew she doesn't have access to those crazy machines. i just planted to little seed, and she figured out a way to make it happen. so now, of course i want to pick out some coocoo fabrics and notions to make it be the coolest!!!! knife bag ever!!!!!

how about this lovely liberty fabric, or these cupcakes, or tomatoes?

between purlsoho, reprodepot and superbuzzy, the possibilites for cuteness are endless.