i so should be asleep right now, but cannot turn off my mind.

piggy thoughts, bike thoughts, stretching thoughts.  yikes.

1.  i'm really excited about my next piece--it's gonna be a good one!  i lurve playing devil's advocate.

2.  my new year's resolution (ok, so i'm working ahead) is going to be to bike more, drive less.  even to work, even to the market, even to the gym, even in the dark, even all over the place.  right now, i try to not drive one day a week.  maybe eventually, i'll get to the point where i do drive only one day a week.  besides the environment, let's face it: i'm cheap.  and, i want to exercise more, and differently, and use different muscles than we use at the gym.  and, i want to stretch out my legs and work on my alignment, and cycling is all good for that.  plus, after all of these months of mostly anaerobic exercise, it's time for some good ol' cardio, and since running is out of the question, cycling is IT.  

so, i've been spending a ridiculous amount of time googling bikes and searching craigslist, but unfortunately, i know nothing about parts or doodads or metals or anything.  that's where cycling friends come in, and luckily, around here, they're a dime a dozen.  it sounds like i'll probably end up having a bike made for me, but that could take some time, which is why i had to get on the resolution train early.  

3.  turkey: i'm so over brine.  but cut the effing legs off, people, and braise them!  or roast them separately, at least.
     pork: so loving brine.  brine makes any cut of pork better.  even really old, tough pork.  
4.  highlight of fullerton: yogurtland.  

5.  back on the high protein train.  trying to dump out sugar to help expedite the healing of my shoulder.  i tore a muscle in my rotator cuff and it's not pretty.

how do vegetarians--and even worse, vegans-- do it?  seriously, getting a sufficient amount of (lean) protein to just carry on through life is practically a full-time job for me and i LIVE IN A KITCHEN!  imagine if i didn't eat egg whites, or yogurt, or chicken or fish!  or turkey?!  what do those poor people do?  that much tofu will kill you.  and don't even get me started on the fact that pretty much every soybean outside of some very small areas in japan is GMO.  blech.

ok, i think i've sufficiently worked myself up to be able to fall asleep.  good night.