it's time to look back at this year's resolutions and see how i did.  and time to start thinking about my goals for next year.  

well, i didn't really make a boo blogs folder, partly because i got a new computer, and partly because i was way busier this year than ever before and didn't have the time to hang out with any boo blogs.  but i did avoid them for the most part, so i'll give myself a check on that one.  

i didn't cut out my sugar to once a day, but i DID cut it wayyyyy down.  no more sugar in my tea, and a LOT less desserts.  almost no white flour, either, which is something i'd have never thought i'd be able to do.  

i took absolutely no steps toward working on my thyroid probs.  oops.

nor did i read understanding exposure.  but i did take a photography workshop.  

and i published articles, have more coming out next year, and am pitching a huge dream i definitely got that ball rolling.  

not only did i not leave the country, i didn't even leave the state.  yikes.  oh well, i had a good time in this state, if that counts for anything.

and the food journal lasted about as long as my hand therapy did, into march.

so empirically speaking, i ffffffailed on my resolutions.  but overall, 2008 was a great year for me, with writing, and cooking, and with my health, something that i was too self-conscious about to even mention publicly last year.  but my gym, yoga, orthotics and physical therapy have changed my life for the better, and i hope to only get stronger, more fit, and better at the sports i practice in the next year.  

{{{{{edited to add: i also just saw this post, which was basically an addendum to my resolutions. so, let's just check that out too, shall we?

i said that i wanted to be healthier and stop eating at sketchy ethnic food places, which i TOTALLY accomplished, even though it was really hard.

i don't spend any less time on the internet, but i do go to bed and wake up earlier, and i do way more than go on a walk every morning. i get anaerobically beaten up 4-5 times a week, ride my bike around, and go to yoga twice a week. i think i should get double points for that.

as part of my gym program, i've largely cut out the white stuff and replaced it with brown stuff. for a long time, i wasn't eating any sugars at all. i've fallen off of that a bit, but plan to go back to that way of eating in january. i drink a ton more water, and have replaced most chemically stuff in my life with natural stuff. so CHECK!

i don't read more, or listen to more music. and i don't write on a daily basis, i didn't to the artist's way or morning pages. but, i did write a lot more. and i think i was nicer to people this year. }}}}}

coming soon, my favorite things and moments of 2008 and resolutions for 2009.