excuse me and my negativity.

i've continued to think about what the goose farmer said about his foie gras, and i think i'm able to put into words now what bothers me so much about foodies, about concept food, about food trends and all the rest: 

when you get to that place in your thinking, food becomes a fetish.  it's not about the food anymore, about the produce or the meat, about the farm or the farmer or the earth.  it's about you, or some chef, or someone's "creativity."  

i was at a party the other night that featured a local chef breaking down a pig in the middle of the room as one of the attractions.  people were walking by with their iphones taking photos like it was a breakdancing busker on fisherman's wharf.  gosh, people, this is food, not entertainment!  yeesh. 

the thing that really pushed me over the edge was when he took the facial skin off in one piece and then everyone in the room went on to hold it over their faces as a mask and pose for more photos.  what?!  this, at a party meant to celebrate sustainable meats?  in a room full of people who purportedly care about where their food comes from?  it was disgusting, and shameful, and completely and utterly disrespectful of that pig.  not to mention, what happened to that meat?  who ate that and thanked that pig for it's life, and the farmer who raised it?  

i have a feeling it's in the dumpster.