i've somehow miraculously made it to my one year birthday at my gym, a place called one of the best gyms in the country by the wkc.

i love this place, and it has changed my life. in one year, i have lost nearly thirty pounds, made yoga an integral part of my life, started down the path toward becoming a cyclist (i even have two pairs of bike shorts). i can hold plank pose for nearly three minutes, do 45 situps in a minute, and deadlift my body weight (probably more by now). i can row 2k in under 8 minutes, and hold a wall squat for almost 4. it's all pretty coocoo if you ask me. i'm not sure how you quantify these things, but i might be in the best shape of my life. if not, then i'm close. and only improving (despite having a body ravaged with injured joints).

i am sort of in lurve with both my physical therapist and my personal trainer (two people i'd never imagined i'd regularly patronize). i am no longer depressed, i can sleep, and i feel so much more confident about most things in my life. i even think that one day, my natural posture will be to stand up straight. i have seen how i can make my body change through diligence and hard work, and am realizing my limits. i am learning when to push--and when to forgive--myself.

i love them, and i love the me that they have helped me to find. i hope to grow grow grow and get even faster stronger better with them as far as the eye can see. (and when my shoulder has healed, i am going to be able to do that pullup!)