an email from iran

this email was sent by a family friend in iran. i apologize for the strong language.

quick email about the situation here....vaaaaghean a good way though.....never has iran experienced such chaos since the revolution more than 30 years ago....people have SO much anger towards the government...what they published is:

ahmadinejad ~24 million
mousavi ~13 million
karoobi < 1 million
rezai < 1 million

what seems to be true is:

mousavi 19 million
karoobi 13 million
ahmadinejad 6 million
rezai ~3

Poeple go about their day as normal but come around 4, 5 pm....taxis stop going to famous public squares, stores close, the streets become full of that you see on line tell the story....these mother fuckers beat women, girls,...with sticks...2 nights ago they stormed in to the students dormatory and tore down everything they could....students blocked their dorm room with closets but they broke in and beat the shit out of the poor students...videos are on line....but the ironic thing is that this time people aren't backing down....young people keep going on the streets fighting with these animals...every once in a while they get a hold of some of them and beat the hell out of them.

the government tries to portray this as "200, 400 people that are making disturbance in our city".....but yesterdays rally at azadi square showed it was more than fact a 6 lane street for a stretch of 5 miles was FULL of people !!!!!! i could barely breath! probably over 2 million people showed up and this was when mousavi could only communicate through people and not through text and TV....I cant iimagine if he gets a hold of the TV, radio,! revolution baby! ;) but of course they have more security around "seda sima" than ahmadinejad himself!

Everything the government says is a lie....ahamdinejad was at a news conference telling christian amanpour that "shahre ma kheily amne" and then BBCPersian showed a clip where the gaurds are beating people....this man has no idea what these people are capable of...he thouhgt he could get away with it and only in the past 2 days has the whole government realized the depth of shit they've been under...Guys im telling you if this thing turns around in our favor I see Iran changing for the first time in 30 years! Everynight the streets are full of cars with people showing peace signs and supporting each other...the chaos has started in small cities as well and over there not only are people more fearless but they have less gaurds there to control people....

I got chased by fucking "basiji" on bikes a couple of times...missed me by 20 meters otherwise they have butans (dont know if i spelled it right but I'm talking about the fucking hard sticks) and i'm guessing i would have had a few bruises;) they have paint balls and shoot them at people.....people have their doors open so those on the streets can come and hide but they bust in if they can and break doors down and beat whomever is in the appartment irrelevant of age, sex, ....

Unfortunately we are losing a lot of young people, students but if they keep this movement another few days longer this regime , the whole ahamadinjeda group will fall down...and maybe the supreme leader....

sorry for the long tell me...HA-U-doowen?