novella carpenter, november 2008

the amount of racist banter in our kitchen might be shocking to an outside observer.  but we pretty much couldn't make it a day without some sort of cultural slander or another.  i must have been making fun of marco's english yesterday (he says some really endearing things, like "it's not gonna fix" instead of "it's not gonna fit") because he shot back with, "i can't understand you through your farsi accent,"  which is remarkable because i was born and raised in california.  

another cook joined in with, "all i hear when you talk is blah blah blah ack!! blah blah blah ack!!" (because i tend to make really weird exclaiming sounds throughout my conversations) which elicited much laughter, and then everyone joined in with my signature sounds and phrases, which include "omigod!,""totes," "ching ching" (a money making sound), among several others.  

so, even though all day i've been conscious of my hyperbolic statements and exclamations, i'm still going to go ahead and say that i am incredibly excited about the event we're going to have to celebrate the release of novella's book in a couple of weeks.  i'm gathering as many urban farmers and foragers together to collect as much city-grown food as i can for the dinner.  novella's gonna be there signing books, and we are finally going to crack open one of the prosciutti from her urban pigs.

totes awesome, right?  and, omigod, if you have any urban farmed or foraged produce or eggs that we can use at the dinner, please email me so i can find a way to incorporate it into the menu (ching, ching).