has everyone seen asiya on the cover of sfmag this month!?!?!?!!! (i heard a rumor about what might be on the cover next month, and lemme tell you, it's GOOOOOOD!)

salon on canning

i'm not exactly sure how bill and nicolette niman have found the time to become the experts in residence at chow (uh, in between being a rancher/entrepeneur and rancher/author/lawyer and parents of a lovely little boy born on easter sunday), but this thread has a lot of fantastic tips for making well-informed choices about what to eat and how to do it affordably (jen, i'm thinking of you and gary here).

in case you haven't heard, good evening is ending at the end of the month. so try and make it over there in the next two weeks if you haven't already (i'm speaking mostly to myself here).

free screenings of food, inc. around the country next week. take this opportunity to go, and take a naive eater with you!!!