i know this is getting really old for you to hear, but i am still dead tired and really busy with closing up eccolo. i'm so exhausted i haven't actually had a chance to process any of my feelings (certainly not sadness!).

packing up a restaurant is really difficult and time-consuming, plus, the last week of special dinners was brutally busy, so pretty much every single cook was there 12 to 16 hours a day every day. it was so much fun, and so special, to have that time with my cooks, but i am burnt out.

unfortunately, no time to rest yet. more packing today, cooking at cp tonight for the birthday, chicken slaughtering and butchering workshop tomorrow with novella, and sunday a visit to a very special rabbit farm.

the reason i even turned on the computer, though, was to tell you guys to check out my piece in the chronicle food section this sunday about the closing of eccolo. hopefully by then i'll find five minutes to upload some photos (or videos!) for you of our last weeks.