Soul Food Farm raffle!

photo borrowed from SFF blog

Bonnie and I have been hard at work organizing all of the generous donations the incredible Bay Area food community has offered for the raffle and auction to raise money for Soul Food Farm!! We are so excited to finally be able to start selling some tickets for this thing!

Please check in to the SFF blog post periodically as Bonnie will be updating the list as more and more items are offered. There are a lot more prizes in the works (not official yet), but I'm telling you, this list is gonna be GOOOOD! I might even buy 10 tickets myself!

The raffle is gonna happen live at Pizzaiolo on October 11th at 3pm. We'll soon start selling tickets to that event, where we'll have snacks, drinks and rowdy music, as well as Alexis and Eric in the flesh.

EDIT: here's an updated list of awesome prizes!!