i'm in the midst of an existential crisis. not a huge one, but one nonetheless. and i've found that talking about it, and trying to remain somewhat calm are two of the best things i can do as i initiate strolls down so many different paths trying to find the best one.

not long ago, i remember saying to a friend that there are a million NOs before there is one right YES! and i think that i'm on number 247 or something like that. so i'm trying to be patient, and to remember that all of these NOs are going to eventually add up to a YES. and i'm grateful that at this point, most of the NOs are coming from me, not from anyone else. i'm feeling things out, and beginning to understand what's going to work for me.

even when things are hard or don't turn out how i'd like, i'm choosing to view it as an opportunity to learn. and the rest of the time, i am thankful for such abundance in my life.