***edited to add: i will read, but no longer publicly post angry comments about this class, or eating rabbits in general. i have posted a statement about why i teach this class here, which you are welcome to read. if you still feel compelled to reach out, then go ahead and leave a comment on that post, but if you are hostile or it's obvious that you didn't bother to read or think about what i wrote there, i will not publish your comment. i do not wish to engage in an angry, unproductive dialogue with people who refuse to consider my point of view.***

i'm thrilled to announce The Rabbit Course, a class i'll be teaching in a few weeks as part of Rabbit Week West, in collaboration with meatpaper, bar tartine and pizzaiolo!

(p.s. the photo on the cover of issue ten was taken at the rabbit class novella and i taught in brooklyn in november)
The Rabbit Course

Rabbits are the new chicken. As one of the most sustainable meat choices available, rabbit is quickly becoming a favorite for conscientious home cooks. Come spend an afternoon with Mark Pasternak of Devil's Gulch Ranch and Chef Samin Nosrat for a hands-on butchering and cooking class.

In the first half-hour, Mark will describe his rabbit husbandry practices at Devil's Gulch Ranch, where he raises rabbits for some of the Bay Area's finest restaurants, including Chez Panisse, Zuni Cafe, Quince Restaurant and The French Laundry.

Next, we'll move into the kitchen where Samin will show you the ins and outs of butchering a rabbit—then it'll be your turn: each student will receive a rabbit to break down into primal cuts. The class will end with a cooking demonstration of how to extract the most flavor from your rabbit, with recipes for a rich stock, kidney and liver paste, Tuscan rabbit ragu and tips on how to best season, grill and braise rabbit meat.

A rabbit butchery and cooking class with Samin Nosrat

February 20
4 pm- 6:30 pm

4629 Martin Luther King Junior Way
(At the corner of 47th and MLK)
Oakland, CA 94609

To Enroll: Visit
the event page at Brown Paper Tickets

12 students max.
Each student will butcher and take home his/her rabbit and a butchery and recipe guide.

A professional cook and freelance writer, Samin Nosrat looks to tradition, culture and history for inspiration. Trained in the Chez Panisse kitchen, she cooked there for several years before moving to Italy, where she worked closely with the Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini and chef Benedetta Vitali for nearly two years. She spent five years as the sous chef and "farmwife" at Eccolo restaurant, butchering, brining, and preserving nearly everything in an effort to make the restaurant as self-sustaining as possible. Her writing has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Meatpaper, and Edible San Francisco, as well as on her blog, Ciao Samin.