yarn at purl soho :: april, 2009

forgive me, peeps, for being MIA. i've been running around like a chicken lady for weeks (months?) doing all sorts of ridiculous things:
  • teaching cooking lessons and classes
  • pretending to write
  • spending time with MMC in san diego, where i ate an obscene amount of frozen yogurt and discovered my new love, the a├žai bowl.
  • starting Pop-Up General Store with chris lee. we (and some of our friends) are making and selling the foods we love to cook and eat directly to the public every few weeks--things like ravioli, soups, sausages, porchetta, mole, english muffins, sweets and more. if you want to be added to the email list to find out more and order from us, send me an email at popupgeneralstore {at} gmail {dot} com.
  • wondering how i will find a talented graphic designer willing to barter with me. i need someone to help me with some web design and identity work (maybe i should call a therapist?). if you are or know someone who can help me out, please email me at saminnosrat {at} yahoo
  • dreaming up ways to change the world with charlie, OPEN, john friend, and the many wonderful peeps in my universe
i'm working on stuff, friends...bear with me, ok?