it's a major deja vu moment for me right now, sitting at stacie's kitchen table with her, sam and jerome, trying to reign in our ADD and get focused for OPENwater in less than two weeks. imagine four creative, insane people with difficulty focusing (case in point: i'm writing a blog post right now as we are going over our party rental list) trying to power through a crazy amount details. and we're all opinionated.

ten days before last year's event we were arguing about how and where to best spit-roast a steer and worrying about sweet talking the fire marshal into giving us a permit. now, we are crossing our fingers hoping the central installment of the restaurant will function and wondering how we will schlep all of the spent fryer oil away from alameda.

frank from sfmoma calls intermittently. we're worried he no longer loves us, but deep inside we know he does.

baby bee charlotte is crying in the background.

the cat is sniffing us suspiciously.

we're all fighting over my bodyworking/self-torture tools.

i'm hungry.

this is all so we can bring you this epic event....we hope to see you there next weekend (if you ask me, a visit to hangar one is reason enough to come, let alone all of the amazing food and art installations we've been working on since february).