putting it out there...

     photo by alice tu

i have an idea and i'm going to need some help to make it happen:

i'd like to teach a sort of basic cooking immersion this year.  it's a four-part series, and ideally it'd take place over the course of four saturdays, once a month for four months.  eventually, i'd like to start staggering the series and have multiple groups going at a time.  this is something i've been thinking about for over ten years and i think it can change the way a lot of people think about cooking.

the way i'm structuring the classes is somewhat unique, but i'm super excited and proud of the idea, and i've got the support of some pretty great folks who we all know and love for the project.  the problem is this: i don't have a space.

the hours at the kitchen where i teach my other classes are very limited, so i wouldn't be able to go into the sort of depth i'd like to with the subject matter if i taught the classes there.  and other spaces i've thought about don't have sufficiently large kitchens.

so, if you have a kitchen (commercial or not) that you'd be willing to let me use for my classes, please let me know.  if you are willing to host a series, you and a friend can take the class for free!

send me an email at saminnosrat@yahoo.com