a few links to help you pass the time

edible selby--don't you all just want to go to hartwood right now?

seth godin--jill shared his book linchpin with me last week, and i'm hooked on his brand of wisdom

penguin great food series--after aaron showed me these last month, i begged the universe to send me a set...and a complete (uk!) one arrived the other day.  i might be the only mortal in the states with an entire set...thank you, guardian angel!

why being a 'foodie' is not elitist--oh, eric schlosser.  swoon.

bon iver, bon iver--another swoon.

tamar's great author photo

beyonce's making me cry

canal house has a blog (actually, two!)

i'm cooking something up with daniel, so get to know his wonderful work.  i love video number three myself.

not a link, but the final(ish) tally for the bakesale for japan is $141,000