Tartine Afterhours: July 26th & 27th

One of the great luxuries of Tartine Afterhours for me, as a cook, is the opportunity to cook the foods I love to eat most, and to feed people in the way that I want to be fed, which is to say abundantly, without pretense, family-style and with much love.  

Because of the way that most restaurant kitchens are organized, serving family-style dishes just isn't very realistic, which is a great shame if you ask me.  So I take excessive joy in being able to cook and serve the kinds of things that we restaurant cooks consider special-occasion dishes, things like paella, for instance.

And so, on the occasion that two of my dearest friends (and most badass cooks I know) will be joining me for the dinners this month, a grand paella is on order for dinner.  I hope you can come, and that it's as special for you as it is for me!

the details

who: the fab folks at tartine and me
what: a three-course family-style Catalonian summer feast
where: tartine bakery (600 guerrero st.  sf, ca)
when: tuesday, july 26th & wednesday, july 27th at 8pm
why: to highlight the joy of good food and good company
to reserve: this dinner has sold out.  please join the mailing list by entering your name in the box on the sidebar to receive notice of our next dinner and enter the lottery.

how much: $45 plus wine and gratuity (cash only, please!)