Tartine Afterhours: Wednesday, Oktober 19th

It's that time of year again--Oktoberfest!  This time, I'm going to browbeat Chad into making some of his fantastic German-style rye bread for us.  Trust me, you haven't had rye until you've had this.  Toss in a little wurst, spätzle, cabbage, beer and Underberg bitters and you've got a party.  Do come join us!

photo by Christopher Lehmann

the details

who: the fab folks at tartine and me
what: a three-course family-style feast celebrating Oktoberfest
where: tartine bakery (600 guerrero st.  sf, ca)
when: wednesday, october 19th at 8pm
why: to highlight the joy of good food and good company
to reserve: this dinner has sold out.  please join the mailing list by entering your name in the box on the sidebar to receive notice of our next dinner and enter the lottery.
how much: $45 plus beer and gratuity (cash only, please!)