Ye Olde Resolutions Post

Sel gris by Indirect Heat
Sel gris, a photo by Indirect Heat on Flickr.
Here we are again--the first blog post of the year.

Time for resolutions, I guess.

The thing is, this year, I'm not making any.  Well, none of the typical "changing habits" resolutions, anyway.  Instead, I'm committing to writing three days a week.  That ought to be enough of a change.  I mean, I've spent the past six months shifting a lot around in my life and in my head to make this possible--from ending Pop-Up General Store to arranging to rent a real, bona fide office where I work alongside real, bona fide writers, there has been no shortage of action on my part of late.  Now, I just need to sit down and do the work.

I'm excited and terrified in equal measure, but honestly, I had no other choice.

The rest of the time, I plan to teach, to cook, and to spend time with my friends.  Luckily, in my life, a lot of those things often overlap seamlessly.

Charlie and I are also going to work on a couple of things together, including the curriculum for a class about food, art, literature and social consciousness we want to teach to high schoolers.

And I lied.  I do have two, small "changing habits" resolutions I want to mark for the record:

1) To make stuffing at least once a month. That is to say, to find more delicious and unexpected ways to use up all of the fantastic bread from Pizzaiolo and Tartine that inevitably grows stale each week on my countertop. And hopefully, to share instructions and recipes for the successful versions here with you.

2) To make sel gris my base salt.  As much as I love kosher salt, I have long dreamt of being one of those people who has a big crock of sel gris on the shelf and grinds a handful each time she cooks.  I'm looking forward to seeing how cooking with a higher quality, naturally derived salt might change the overall flavor of my cooking. 

What about you?  Any good resolutions to share?  Wanna jump on the sel gris train with me?