Third Annual Ice Cream Social in the Park

Ok friends, I'm in announcement mode today, clearly.

UPDATE: I didn't anticipate that this would be re-posted on all sorts of event aggregation sites, but it has.  So though all kind, sweet people are welcome, there is no way I can afford to buy ingredients for all of you out there, so if you are coming and have never met me or corresponded with me in any way (or are not the guest of someone who has), please plan to contribute at least $5 per person to help cover my costs.  Thank you!  And if I've never met you, please do make sure to come introduce yourself to me!

Since it looks like I have to teach or attend a wedding every weekend from here till November, I'm biting the bullet and moving the third annual ice cream social to a weekday afternoon.  But, since it'll the on the second longest day of the year, and school will be out for most of our little ones, I think I can convince most of you to come!

Let's turn it into a full-on picnic dinner situation, with as little environmental impact as possible.  Ok?

Here's the deal:

Come to Lakeside Park at Lake Merritt next Thursday, June 21st at 5pm.  We'll be there till it gets dark or unbearably cold!  City dwellers, you can take BART to the 19th Street station and just walk over--we can give you a ride back to BART after dinner.  Ice cream should be ready and cranked by 6pm.

I'll bring the (new) old white mountain hand-crank ice cream maker and fixins for lots of ice cream.

You bring:
  • a bowl and spoon for eating ice cream (I want to avoid disposables if possible)
  • a topping or ice-cream friendly accompaniment (e.g. salty caramel sauce, salty chocolate sauce, berries, cookies, brownies, cones, pie, root beer, etc.).  Feel free to get creative!
  • and/or sandwiches
  • and/or something else savory we can eat without a fork and plate (like some homemade fried chicken perhaps?)
  • whatever you'd like to drink, and a vessel from which to drink it
  • kids
  • dogs
  • friends, including any eligible bachelors you'd like to introduce me to
  • blankets for sitting on
  • guitar or other instrument?
Please do me the favor of leaving a comment below if you're planning to come (including the number of guests you're bringing) so I can have an approximate idea of how many folks to plan for, ice cream-wise.  

Can't wait to see you!