C U R R E N T (L Y)

These days, I'm doing my best to get myself settled in a regular writing routine.  It's getting a little easier, every week, to come to work and keep regular hours (except for when Little Flower School comes to town and I have to spend four days straight with some of the most inspiring ladies I know).

But naturally, a huge part of sitting at your desk writing all day is wasting time on the internet.  Duh.  And as such, I'm coming across all sorts of inspiring, interesting, and informative things I'd like to share.  So, in the spirit of Heidi's Favorites Lists, and in the interest of not wasting (more) time on elaborate blog posts and ignoring my actual job of writing a book, I hereby introduce:

C U R R E N T (L Y)

illustration by Fiona Strickland

So excited about this collaboration

Mooning over these illustrations

Looking forward to Provisions

Working my way through these interviews

SF MoMA is having a FREE 24-hour Goodbye Party; come see me at 8am on Sunday, June 2nd

I am loving my new Everlane tees.  Gotta say, they also have incredible customer service.

Check out my Cali-Persian spread in Bon Appetit.  Also, this feature on me & orecchiette in Sunset, including a sweet video!

So many of my friends have new books out right now.  Loving/can't wait to get to: Gulp, Wild Ones, Cooked & Farmacology.

On the illustrated cookbook front, I am particularly smitten by How to Boil an Egg and The Connoisseur's Guide to Meat.

I will never stop loving Sarah and Nicolette.  What they do is so unbelievably beautiful, every single time.  So grateful to be in their orbit.

It's time to put our money where our mouths are.  People's Community Market in West Oakland is gonna happen, but only with another push of community support.  Consider investing (or lending, which is how I prefer to think about it) $1,000 to make this market a reality!

These might be the most beautiful knives I have ever seen.

My Oakland picks for, Meraviglia, an Italian travel mag.

We recently had the best restaurant meal in a long time at Sir & Star.

I am obsessed with St. Benoit's Jersey Milk.  It is just so insanely delicious.

I try not to spend too much time or energy coveting stuff, but this spice mill has been taunting me for years.

Hope you're all doing well!