C U R R E N T (L Y)

image: Dave Smooth via cabinporn

Two sites for photo inspiration

Green Coriander. My favorite taste.  Hands down.  Available right now from Dirty Girl Produce, or in your own weedy garden.  Pound and add to vinaigrettes, or just straight into salad, rice, noodles, or anywhere you'd use cilantro.  SO GOOD.

Food and photo journals of interest:
Cherry Bombe
Blow (a photo mag, not strictly about food, but there are some amazing food photos in there)
Brother (quite lovely, but honestly, it makes me want to start a mag called Sister)
Short Stack Editions (not a magazine, but so lovely and inspiring.  They remind me of the single-subject Italian book-lettes from Maria Paccini Fazzi and Guido Tommasi Editore that I collected obsessively when I lived in Tuscany.

This might be the most inspiring book I have ever read.  The language is so beautiful I want to eat every word, make the book a part of me.

Best way I've spent a Sunday morning in recent memory

Love MOG

Shhhh...I'm not officially announcing this till next week, but feel free to get tickets now!

My editor, Mike Szczerban, interviews the legendary Eric Simonoff.  Both come off as insane book nerds.  Love it.

Tamar shares how to keep up with summer produce.  This is certainly my own strategy!

I'm pretty excited about Saving the Season, a preserving book unlike any other.

Tuning out is very of the moment.