so far, everyone i know is still safe in southern california, if you're wondering. my uncle and his wife were evacuated, and some family friends. and my aunt in malibu is on standby. yikes!

i remember the fires during my childhood, i remember ash everywhere--car windshields covered with it, the closest thing we had to snow. it was impossible to breathe, and we were lucky enough to live close to the ocean (and far from the fires). i remember being on cross-country and not being allowed to workout. it's strange what you remember.

i hope you and everyone you know are safe and sound.


i went to the doctor today, and she's going to refer me to a hand surgeon. my wound isn't healing just right, and at this rate it's going to take a really, really long time to get to a point where i can use my hand again. that's a lot of one-handed showers. if i go to the surgeon, she can do some sort of fancy stitching to speed things up. i hope.