i should definitely be asleep right now...

handmade oaxacan papel picado at dosa

what good is it to be a 'yogi' if you're a jerk to the people who serve you in restaurants?  

what if i aspired to have my yoga practice look less like this:
(not like it looks anything remotely like that right now, or ever has)

 and more like this?  

what if i didn't take everything so seriously?

a couple of weeks ago a well-meaning friend gave me some unsolicited advice, telling me that my real problem was that i don't have any goals.  um, i thought, have you ever met me?  

it was so far off the mark, it was sort of hilarious.  
but for some reason, it really bugged me.  

like to the point i couldn't sleep that night.

i was still angry the next day, too.

the day after that, i was able to let it go.  but only after completely dissecting things and realizing exactly why it bugged me so much.  the funny thing was, everyone i told the story to had the same incredulous reaction; here i am doing everything i can to keep my life from spinning totally out of control by reigning in my achievement-oriented tendencies, and my dear, sweet friend who just wanted to help (i think) is totally missing that, seeing only that i've slowed down and not noticing why. 


if she had been actively trying to hit the bullseye of sensitivity in my heart, she couldn't have done a better job; i'm going to great pains to relax and she's calling me a slacker?  


i had to let it go.  and i did.  no, really.  i did.  

ok, now i'm going to bed, because tomorrow i get to teach about FAT!  woot!