photo credit:  Talia Herman

photo credit: Talia Herman


Hi.  I'm Samin Nosrat.  I cook.  I write.  I teach.  

As an undergraduate studying English at UC Berkeley, I took a detour into the kitchen at Chez Panisse restaurant that's happily determined the course of my life and career.  Since 2000, I've pursued my twin passions of food and words with equal vigor, aiming to create work that inspires, creates community, and raises cultural, social and environmental awareness.  

I learned to cook at Chez Panisse, in Italy alongside Benedetta Vitali and Dario Cecchini, and at (the no longer extant) Eccolo in Berkeley.  I studied poetry with Bob Hass, Shakespeare with Stephen Booth, and journalism with Michael Pollan.  Alice Waters and farmer Bob Cannard have taught me more about land stewardship than anyone else.  

My first book is the New York Times Bestselling, James Beard Award-winning Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking, which is illustrated by the inimitable Wendy MacNaughton.  A documentary series based on the book is now streaming on Netflix. I am also one of five food columnists for the New York Times Magazine

But mostly, I live to cook and eat with my friends, surf, sleep under the stars, & read and write and listen to good music.

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