boring details

can i just give a little love to colin firth and scarlett j? in case you can't tell, i just saw the lovely girl with a pearl earring. maybe my normally critical self is letting up now that the movie pickins are slimmer.

yummy things from today: more strawberries, the oh-so-cp pasta with asparagus, cream, parmesan and black pepper, and a couple of good old tarocchi blood oranges.

i haven't been reading much lately, which i feel bad about. not even my nyers. but i am piling them up for my flights on sunday. but i have been writing a lot, which is good. i was printing out my first complete draft of the organizational nightmare we call this book (which, by the way, pesce urlando, has no name yet) and i printed for about three hours straight on a laserjet and am still not done. i think i probably have another hour of printing to do. but the sad thing is, i finished all of the toner in T's printer. oops.

i spent the evening with my great friend O, who lives part time here and part time in berk, so we gossiped about all of the happenings back in california, and talked about the strange murders that have been happening all over florence for a while now. and then she gave me a torrone bacio and sent me on my merry way.