i can't stop eating

i went to the mercato this morning, and it's official:

spring is here.

strawberries are 2 euros for a kilo! i think i have eaten 2 kilos just today. asparagus is cheap, too, and i already ate two bunches.

i also had a lovely bollito sandwich at nerbone. and i just ate a handful of crunchy granola (shout out to juj). now, i am plotting what i will eat next. heh heh heh.

also, this morning, i went over to the travel agency and got the ticket for pakistan. it's for sunday. needless to say, i am in a bit of a mess right now, trying to find presents, and finish up the first draft, and pack up. but it's a good mess. a happy mess, involving lots of strawberries and asparagus.

by the way, to you high school peeps out there: through a wacky, wacky string of connections, i realized that one of my montana friends (yes, there is more than just one) is buds with chris holmes. of chris and becky holmes. so i emailed him, and he's in laos/china/hong kong/all over the place. nuts!