i am on crack

yes, we all know that i am raging hypochondriac. i have this weird lesion on my ribs that just keeps getting bigger. and then there's the mole on my back, which i was born with, but is now kinda peeling away. my jaw pops when i open my mouth too wide. and recently, the skin on my face has gotten so dry that it actually burns when anything touches it. oh, to be me!

but, i really and truly, more than anything, think that i have seasonal affective disorder. four out of the five past winters (and maybe that fifth one, too. i can't remember so well), i have been depressed and bleh. last night i went to sleep without hope, and this morning, i woke up and it was totally sunny and warmer than it has been, and i felt like i could do anything. i thought i could live here forever, travel a bit. paris? i'm there. london? count me in. italy? i'm practically a native. who cares that i have a combined total of $4.70 in my checking and savings accounts? not me! i can do it all!

but now, it's cloudy and rainy again and i am back to plotting my escape.