well, someone needs to save the world

there was this nice article on alice in the nytimes the other day. i like it--though some of my friends disagree--and i think that it shows the best side of her. i think that her impracticality and refusal to settle are what make her so great and so not-so-great (good euphamism, eh?) all at once.

a person like me needs to see a person like her succeeding every once in a while.

and i really do think that you can change things with a peach. although i don't know what i think about frog hollow anymore, after seeing their huge refrigerators. they're getting too big, i think. but that's another story, for another day (i did have one of the best afternoons of my life there, though).

the pictures of the edible schoolyard are lovely, too. it's such a wonderful place.