a coupla things

bakesale betty updated her website! it's super cute, and now the great jingle by dan carr finally works! check it out--it's my favorite song.

also, AC has a blog. finally, someone i actually know has started one!

i had brunch at thai temple this morning. yuuuuuumy--i love mango with sticky rice. then, another nap to try to catch up on my sleep. i think i am nearly back to normal. well, as normal as i can be. this week, my goal is to perfect the schiacciata recipe for the restaurant--hopefully soon we can have grissini at the table for the customers when they are seated.

still reading nickel and dimed. dreaming of urban ore, which, by the way, did use to be on 6th and gilman! ha ha, JE and AC! ha ha! it just recently moved to ashby. i'm not nuts! well, not about this anyway. also, i can't wait to go to the next alameda flea market.