i've been

-eating. i went to dopo, finally. I LOVE IT! i went to plearn last week, too. best chicken satay i've had. and i am eating a delicious lamington as i write...

-working. i burned myself last night. there are blisters and scars. yuk.

-trying to finally fix my traffic ticket fiasco from 2 years ago.

-finding the cutest apartment in the universe!

-thinking about being crafty. i helped get DR started with knitting, and that made me want to pick up my needles. going to the exciting knitting shop downstairs had a hand in that feeling, too. i went to urban ore today, but i didn't find anything just right. mostly, i just want to get all of the stuff that i own together in one place before i start buying anything else. and i really don't want to accumulate anymore kitchen stuff (well, i say that now, but i don't really mean it.) i did get a cute little pair of leather ballet slippers that had this obnoxious jelly strap going across each shoe, and i just hacked the strap off with a razor. does that count as being crafty?

-almost going to bob's farm in sonoma. oh yes. a much more memorable experience, i think, than actually going to bob's farm.

and that's pretty much it.