timballi for two

woah, blogger's changed again.  i'm sure it'll take me a few weeks to figure this all out.
the other day, MMC called to tell me that she'd made the blueberry muffins out of baking illustrated and messed them up.  the same night, i checked my email, and AK had written to tell me how much she loved the same exact recipe.  i love it!
i just went to the A's game, and saw some amazing fireworks afterward (but oh, there were no chocolate malts to be had!).  it was lovely to see a sweet friend i've missed over the past year.  and the awful patriotic crap they were feeding the audience during the fireworks was pretty over the top.  yuck.
what else?  i made my first savory bread pudding today--with corn and fine herbs (it's all about the chervil and tarragon) and little pockets of taleggio.  i also got to cook fish, which was a lot less scary than i thought it might be.  for our lunch, i made fried chicken sandwiches and cut up a melon.  i think the cooks might shoot me if i make sandwiches once more for lunch.  we had tuna on wednesday and yesterday i made BLTs.  but honestly, i think that sandwiches are one of my favorite foods IN THE UNIVERSE.  i think we're making timballi for two on sunday night.  i can't wait!
tomorrow, i think i get the keys to my apartment!  and thanks to some friends, and their friends, i think i am going to move my couch in, too.