new apartment post

my first post from my new place.  yay!

my downstairs neighbors were cool enough to hook me up with their wireless internet, so i don't have to wait months or weeks or whatever to get dsl or cable, which is great.  i love this little apartment, and so does everyone who comes by to see it.  it's so sweet, so clean, so lovely.  i kinda like it empty, the way it is.  i feel like i don't want to litter it with any of my stuff.

anyhow, work is great.  i got pounded today--brisket and potato hash with poached eggs, veal chop with shellbean and chanterelle mushroom gratin, and grilled salmon with roasted eggplant and peppers and tomato confit.  all of the little old fourth street ladies on sunday morning pretty much beat my booty.  i'd never even poached an egg before this, let alone grill a veal chop.  tomorrow and the next day, i do sweets, before going down to TJY's wedding.  maybe i can get a new pair of flip-flops while i'm down there.  the hole in my left one is getting bigger and bigger each day.

what else?  i'm reading dry now, and i really like it.  it's not as gruesome as james frey's book (not that i didn't like that, either).  something about these memoirs keeps turning me on to them, over and over, one after the other.  it's like i am gathering information for my own stuff.  i've also been reading (if you can call it that) a bunch of italian cookbooks, for we've decided to go completely italian at work (i.e., today was the last time you'll be seeing hash on the menu.  and no more blts or fried green tomatoes).  it's going to be difficult, but i like the challenge of it, and when we pull it off, i think that we'll have something really wonderful to be proud of. 

i have some writing to do, and until i do it, i am going to feel guilty about posting.  i'll also be gone and then moving in for a while, so please forgive me if i don't write so often, or if what i do write is boring or repetitive.  i'll get better, more throughtful, and more creative soon.  i promise.