the past 24 hours have been pretty full of delfina for me. not that i went to eat there (or could afford to), but a sassy friend did and wrote about it, so i got all jealous of it and decided to make bigne' with espresso gelato and chocolate myself at work today. and i've gotta say, they were pretty great. i used bittersweet chocolate for the sauce, and about 35 shots of espresso for the gelato. after my pate a choux disaster last week, with some crappy recipe from a lame book, i toted my three dollar french chef cookbook to work with me this morning, and i've gotta say, you just can't go wrong with julia.

i've been working on my gelato churning technique, and i think i am getting a hang of it, finally. basically, i think that less is more when it comes to making ice cream--churn it as little as possible to make it as dense and rich as possible. yum. i kinda hate making ice cream, because there is so much involved in it, but i LOVE eating it.

anyway, i came home this afternoon, and DR untangled all of my yarns for me, i think as a hint to start knitting things for her baby. and we shuffled through some photos, and found one of us with delfina herself, as cute as could be, the sun shining brightly above, and the de medici hunting lodge in the background.