the bus. and other stuff.

riding the bus to work (even though i'm never on it for long, and there often aren't many people on there) is a high point of my day. the contrast between the type of people on the bus and the type of people at my destination is stark, and not rarely do i feel guilty or weird about it.

on my way to the bus stop, i walk by the alcoholics anonymous meeting place. there's usually a group getting out right when i pass by. it makes me happy, and sad, all at once.

however, i do feel like i am in a cocoon at work, a little bubble of foodiness. it's wonderful, and it's completely detached from reality, in a good way and a bad way. i still have thoughts to develop about this.

i'm still tired, and i feel like i always will be tired. when i used to have to get up at 5 am to be at work at 6, when i was on the bottom of the ladder at cp, i figured the tiredness would stop when i got normal working hours. but here i am, working as close to 9-5 as a cooking job can get, and i am always lagging and sluggish. the thing is, i love work so much that i never really feel so tired there. only when i get home do i want to collapse and never leave.

i need some extracurricular projects. and that is why i've started to knit again. first, i'm making a hat for my friend dr's baby-to-be. then, we'll see. i have to buy some butter, and then i'll start baking. the only thing about baking is that there isn't anyone here to eat anything i might make, and i almost never feel like eating anything when i get home anyway, so it would just all sit there and get stale. but not for long, since my roommate gets here next week.

i doubt i'll be spending much time with her, since she'll be busy doing genius stuff and i'll be busy grilling stuff, but just the idea of having someone around when i get back home, someone to cook for, someone to tell about the ridiculous customers who come in and ask to sit where there is carpet (what?!), makes me happy. i don't really want or need a best friend, but it'll be nice to have her around.