potato chippin'

other than the large gash i have in my right palm, things seem to be just swell.

i cut myself badly on the japanese mandoline i was using to make potato chips. i knew it was sharp, being just a few days old, but i was silly, and got distracted by how behind i was, and looked up and thought about all of the things i needed to get done in the next 35 minutes (peel and chop garlic, finish the potato chips, skin and portion swordfish, find some greens to cook, slice and oil bread for bruschetta, peel and grate horseradish, pick and chop parsley, make a beurre rose', warm up my bollito. all of this because i spent an hour dicing shallots for the rose' butter.), and how i'd never be able to do them all, and next thing i knew, a piece of my hand was missing. thanks to some pronto soccorso attention from a coworker, though, i was taped, gloved, and back at work in under 5 minutes. and somehow, i finished everything.

i wish i could be as good about updating as some of my friends are, but i've just been working so much lately, and so tired when i get back. plus, it's not like i can do it at work, and usually (sadly) the only thing i have to write about is work.

i was hoping to go to the alameda flea market this sunday, but now, it looks like i might not make it. oh well, there's always october.

my most excellent ipod has arrived and is in use. many, many thanks to buddy for the incredible gift.

i hung out with my dear, dear friend MS this evening, and no one knows the biopsy results yet, but it was oh-so-relieving to see that she's still the same person, and in seemingly good health and spirits. she also has the funniest stories IN THE UNIVERSE. i nearly broke my ankle on the dishwasher when i was shaking with laughter at her unbelievable news of one of our friends.

i've been seeing a lot of peeps from the old restaurant lately. thanks to everyone who's stopped by to say hi--you guys rule, and you totally make our day! no thanks to the dixieland band across the street who can only play 4 tunes.

my love for billy collins is stronger than ever before. i heard a rerun of some show on npr last week, where he read one of my favorite poems: "The Country."

the bomboloni i've been making at work have been a raging hit. some of my other sweet creations haven't been so well-received. i'm going to stick with my successes for now.