where i've been:

sausalito. casey-sitting and eating tacos. also, working and burning and cutting the heck out of my hands. it's really getting bad. today, a wild blob of errant polenta landed right between the index and middle finger of my right hand, and a huge blister commenced growing. every time i looked over, the blister seemed to get bigger. people at work and on the street stared at it. some of the freaks i work with even tried to pop it when i was looking the other way.

i popped it when i got home. but it's just filling up with liquid again.

i also saw the most excellent garden state. but we all knew that that would be good, so i won't say much more about that.

a while ago, i got to go see jack johnson, g-love and this dude at the greek theatre. it was the first concert i've been to in a loooong time--also one of the best.

where i am:

at home. filling my ipod up with exciting music of all kinds.

where i'm going:

thai temple tomorrow.

then to this concert with la sassy, which my most excellent boss gave me some tickets to (someone gave them to him and he can't go).

next saturday, i'll be in the parking lot of kermit lynch making tuna confit sandwiches (with a delicious tomato salad on the side). come see me! these things are always so much fun. plus, there won't be a stove or oven for me to burn myself on.

my dear friend DC is coming to the states, for the new yorker festival and an appearance on this little show, and i am thinking of going out there to see him, and JMTH in new haven. i also might like to work for a day here and one day here, learning about gelato. plus, i want to check out graduate programs here and here (for that rainy day when i might win the lottery, or, i don't know, get paid for the book).

now, i'm just going to bed.