doin' stuff

my neck hurts.

today i made an excellent pineapple upside down cake with maraschino cherries and everything for dr, who is pretty much 9 months pregnant. it was her last day at work, and the cake and amazing bib from porch light were just a decoy, trying to distract her from the fact that we are having a surprise party for her next week. a white trash surprise party. heh.

i got a bunch of onesies and iron-on letters and wrote all sorts of funny things on them, like "eccomi" and "grump." and i saw this cute egg carton of socks on red envelope--a site that's great for ideas but far too expensive to actually buy anything from--and made up a little version of my own. if you can't already tell, i am very excited about this. i also assume that she doesn't read my blog and that's how i dare write about it here.

i've started knitting again--the gloomy fall weather just made it seem right. and somehow, i've gotten myself motivated enough to actually do some of the work that's been hanging over my head for so long: i'm taking care of some recipes for the restaurant, and some work for this slow food thing i am helping a friend with, and yes, i'm even getting back on the book train.

i can barely believe it.