blood, salad, and candy

i sliced my left index and middle fingers open at work today, and they still won't stop bleeding, and it's making typing this post very interesting. it's all because yesterday i looked at my hands and thought, "wow, i haven't cut or burned myself in a while."

my new yorker finally came, and i am really happy about it. now i just need to find the time to read it. i'm actually afraid to check my email right now because i just know that there are going to be lots of angry emails from people to whom i owe work. how can it be that i work 5 days a week, just like everyone else, and i am so tired? i know i stand up all day, and that most of my days involve intense heat, stress, and long hours, but i am still way more exhausted that anyone i work with. i'm just a weakling.

i did salads today, which i don't do very often, and i really liked it. my favorite salad was this lovely little gem lettuce (kinda like mini romaines) dressed with this thick pounded anchovy vinaigrette, with torn croutons and lots of parmesan cheese. it was like caesar, but lighter and fresher and just plain good.

and i think that they are going to let me make little riso sartu' dishes for sunday dinner. yum. now i just have to think about what i want to put inside. yum. yum. yum.

some things that don't have to do with food:

i forgot to link to my lovely cousin's write-up on dailycandy a few weeks ago. she rocks.

other great links from dailycandy include mobissimo, a new travel search engine, flavor paper from flavor league--just like in willy wonka, jelly and anchovy stationery, moon tree arts letterpress cards.

also, i just decided that i am going to go to sabrina ward harrison's booksigning in oakland on 12 october at diesel books. anyone wanna come with me?