good eatin'

my roommate, when i see her, is the recipient of much good food.

last night, we had a most excellent dinner of pounded veal chops with butter and lemon, crispy fingerling potatoes, and spinach. yum.

we also made some excellent roasted pepper hummus with the peppers from our farm box.

and this morning, i woke up and made her french toast with the cinnamon-currant bread i got from acme on saturday.

i'm just happy to have someone who'll eat what i make.

i'm starting to work a few nights a week, which is exciting. i was just getting tired of all days, and the food we make at night is so much more sophisticated and delicate. plus, i want to learn to use the spit roaster.

also, i am pretty sure i'm not going to new york, sadly (not enough time off, not enough energy, not enough money to go twice, so i'd rather go once when i can take care of all of my business there). but maybe someone will tape dario's appearance on the today show for me....