mini update

i've resolved to beat this funk, this fatigue. i've started to take b vitamins, and i joined a gym (mostly to do yoga, but i even rock climbed--if you call my weak scrambling climbing--today). i have a lot of work ahead of me this fall and winter, and i want to do it all well.

i got to spit roast this week--chickens with herbed ricotta stuffed under the skin. after dropping two spits of chickens into the coals, i kinda got the hang of it. kinda.

after the crazy rains last sunday, i realized that i might not be able to make it through the winter without a car after all. but i'd really like to try. i guess i'll just have to wait and see. all i have to say is that it wasn't fun getting soaked on my way to the bus stop and then getting splashed from head to toe by a speeding tow truck when i finally got there.

i bought myself a little present that i am really excited about: this little radio, which, along with my ipod, makes for a great (and extremely cute) system.

i'm happy to report that stuff with the book seems to be moving forward. it should be out in fall 2005. look for me in your local bookstore! maybe they'll even have us do a book signing tour. but before any of that happens, i have to do some more work on the gardening portions, so expect some frantic calls, AK. not that you'll answer your phone or anything.

my favorite foods these days: eggplants roasted in the coals with mint, sicilian chicken salad with pine nuts and currants, and watermelon granita with lime.