aimless surfing finds

yum. i saw this last week when i was researching white trash recipes. it's kinda cute.

101 cookbooks. i remember finding this blog when i was in italy. well, here it is again.

chocolate and zucchini. well, now that i'm noting all of the food links i've not yet noted, i may as well just add this lovely one, too, that i am sure everyone already knows about. clotilde is marvelous.

craftster. forum, blog, ideas. now i want to do iron-ons and knit all of a sudden.

knitty. speaking of knitting...

thriftdeluxe. check out the grater lamp.

toothpaste world. check out the whiskey toothpaste in the highlights. but there's no marvis!

by the way, i love target's red hot shop.