entry for jen

so jen, i really am going to see sabrina ward harrison tonight at diesel books in oakland. i know you're married and have an organized life and all, but i'd love to have you join me there if you find yourself with nothing to do.

after the most awful day at work ever yesterday, i went to a yoga class at the gym. but i was confused when i looked at the schedule and ended up at a fast-paced ashtanga class where i was flopping around like an inflexible fish out of water. sometimes, i really wish i had a camera taping me at yoga so i could come home and watch myself and laugh, laugh, laugh until i fall asleep.

well, when i got home i realized that i might not even have to work today, so i called up the restaurant and they told me that indeed, i have the day off. so mostly, i've been sitting around applying chapstick to my lips. but i did get some treats this morning from the new la farine on solano. now, i'm just motivating myself to get some work done for the book people. i'm waaaaaay behind.

i was going to look for all sorts of exciting links to stink on here to aid you in procrastinating the rest of your workday away, but maybe it's more important to hurry up and post this.

by the way, that comments box is still stuck in italy.