too many zinc lozenges

my throat hurts, and i think i am getting sick. yuk.

DR's baby is upside down, and so she had all sorts of emergency doctor's appointments scheduled today, so there was no surprise party. i guess you just shouldn't ever try to surprise a pregnant woman. she's stuck at home, so we dropped off some of the food for her, and i'll take her the presents on my day off. hopefully, she won't have to have a c-section.

my roommate wants me to let everyone who reads this know that i am not as nice in person as i pretend to be on my blog.

what a coincidence? i just saw this hostess wedding cake linked to at megan's site.


i made stracciatella soup on sunday and monday (i leave out the semola. i used to add it, but i think it's so much nicer without it. i don't think it necessarily needs the nutmeg, either. i usually just add a little black pepper). i love love love that soup. it's my favorite soup. today, i made stracciatella gelato. i love love love that gelato.

i'm thinking of applying to csj for next year. i feel like i should just get it out of my system.

now, i need to heal.