saturday, i had the great luck of seeing all sorts of wonderful people i don't get to see very often. first, there was ET at the farmer's market, where i also saw charlie, who swears that he is well on his way to opening his place soon, and chris i don't know his last name. we also saw annabelle, of star route, who is on her way to italy in a few weeks to terra madre. practically every farmer i know, actually, is on his or her way to terra madre, which sounds great.

later, i went to DR's next baby shower with S-lo and later met up with P&P, who had just left the love parade and so were quite jolly. we went to the lovely samovar tea-fe? tea place? tea lounge. it was just so nice to see those guys, who i love so very much, but don't get to see enough. that's pretty much how i feel about all of my friends.

yesterday and today, i've been trying to get everything ready for the white trash party tomorrow. the menu is extensive, but it includes sloppy joes, frito pie, ho-ho pie, mexican jello, tapioca pudding, mac and cheese, and iceberg lettuce with blue cheese salad. i found some red and white checkered tablecloths, too. the onesies and everything else are wrapped with this really great paper i made out of some fingerling potatoes which i cut in half and dipped into ink. i was far too lazy to actually make stamps out of the potatoes, so it's basically a lovely polka dot theme. oooooh, i really wish i had a digicam right now.

i have to go to sleep. but be proud, i made it to the gym today!