sunday's new york times was full of stuff just for me:

first, there was the article on fanny (what's up with these articles on fanny that have nothing to do with anything? at least the food and wine one had that lovely bit about the cookbook that all of alice's friends put together.) my favorite parts were the quail bones and the smuggled blueberries.

then, the style guide practically defined our restaurant, piece by piece. first, there was the bit on the gelato spoons, and then the antique slicer and amazing walnut table (follow the link to the must-haves slideshow).

then, while skimming the article on the vin de pamplemousse, i spotted jean-pierre's name and flipped to see who'd written it. it was mona, who i've worked with at various cp events. is everyone being published in the nytimes now? when's my turn?